Carli Campbell

Life is full of twists and turns, navigating that can cause stress, anxiety, and make one feel overwhelmed. With the right support life can be manageable.

Why I became a therapist

I became a therapist to help others achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Life is full of everyday stressors that often impact us in many ways. It can create both emotional and physical symptoms. My goal is to help make these stressors more manageable and help empower individuals to grow. Over the years I have seen how emotions can impact all areas of our lives and create conflict with ourselves and others. I have always found listening, and working together in a safe space can help individuals lead a more fulfilling life.

Who I work with

I work with adolescents and individual adults. I specialize in working with people who are having a difficult time coping with chronic illness, and navigating the medical system. My clinical experience over the years has included supporting people experiencing anxiety, depression, life transition, relationship issues, and family conflict. ‍I take a collaborative approach where we will work together to achieve relief.

Often times it's the small changes that help us find what we are looking for.

Working With Me

Reaching out and sharing one's life story can be scary. I use a personalized approach to engage clients in developing and improving skills to meet their goals. Through Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and solution focused approaches I work to develop a unique compassionate relationship with each individual person. Through positive feedback and solution-focused change I work with clients to improve quality of life by working collaboratively to develop authenticity and resilience. Whether you need support through unknown times, Family or relationship conflict, navigating the healthcare system due to a medical diagnosis, or are experiencing dissatisfaction in life, I am here to support you. We will work together to bring change.

My Qualifications and trainings

  • I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Lynn University;
  • I received my Masters degree in counseling from Adler University;
  • I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor registered with the state of Illinois (IDFPR);
  • I have experience working in multiple different settings, including inpatient treatment, hospitals, and private practice.

Ready to overcome the barriers holding you back?