Sage Therapy Services

Our services include individual and couples therapy sessions as well as Telehealth. We also offer clinical supervision services for those who are provisionally licensed.

Our Services:

Online Counseling

With online counseling, we can work together virtually through video conference or over the phone. Virtual therapy is essentially the same as in-person practice but from the comfort of your home.

Create lasting change

People are naturally resilient with the right support.

Individual Therapy

We believe that people are naturally resilient with the right support. Therapy facilitates growth, empowerment and insight so your presenting concerns can be effectively addressed. Therapy is not a one size fits all process and varies person by person depending on their goals. Some clients prioritize alleviating symptoms quickly, while others want to address the underlying causes of these symptoms so that more substantial inner growth can occur.

Typically, we take a holistic approach combining in depth traditional talk therapy with more recent empirically-validated and present-focused approaches. We sometimes act as a life coach, helping clients change behaviors and discern choices that lead toward the lives they envision. Topics discussed in therapy can be just about anything!

Couples Therapy

Relationships are hard and never in a fixed state but the effort is worth the work. Just like individual people, couples grow and evolve.

Our goal in working with couples is to help clients make lasting positive change,  increase closeness and improve communication skills. Typically your therapist will see you both together for a consultation and then see each of you separately for a session before we all come back together for the following sessions.

Couples therapy involves and covers an extensive amount of topics. Topics that could be addressed include but are not limited to: Attachment, conflict management, communication, rebuilding trust after infidelity, codependency versus interdependence, open and/or alternative relationships, intention versus impact, and relationship satisfaction.

A teenager talking to a therapist

Kids & Teens

Sage Therapy offers professional counseling for kids and teens addressing common coming-of-age challenges. Children growing into teens and adults commonly experience emotional upheaval and may struggle to find healthy coping mechanisms as they navigate new chapters in their lives. The love and support of caretakers can go a long way, but therapy is a powerful tool to improve communication skills and build confidence. A therapist can assist your child in articulating and addressing their problems, and provide them with a reliable resource for guidance and support.

If you notice that your child is experiencing difficult changes to their personality or temperament, it might be a good idea to have them attend at least an introductory session with a therapist. While their therapist won’t necessarily tell them what to do, having someone to bounce ideas off of makes kids and teens feel empowered in their decision-making and gets them used to verbalizing their thoughts.

Family Therapy

Family dynamics have a huge impact in our lives and often shape the way we see and interact in the world from a young age. Family therapy helps navigate the intricacies of living productively with the ones we care about the most by helping identify healthy and unhealthy coping strategies, communication skills, enmeshment and codependency, reciprocal interactions, generational narratives and traumas and much, much more. Family therapy also focuses on strengths within family systems and dynamics to help strengthen and bond members together.

Importantly, family of origin dynamics also help form our attachment systems and style, which in turn can inform us on how we relate to and interact with our partners and even children in adulthood.

Support, Affinity & Therapy Groups

We offer in-person and virtual therapy and support groups. Group Therapy can be an incredibly powerful resource as it provides a space where an individual can not only receive support from a therapist but also from those who are going through a similar lived experience as well as an opportunity to provide a space to others.

Challenges that arise in life can at times, make us feel like we are alone in managing them, leading to a sense of isolation and disconnection from others. Group therapy offers a valuable opportunity for individuals to engage with peers from diverse backgrounds who share similar struggles, fostering a sense of belonging while also learning important skills such as emotional regulation, healthy communication skills, distress tolerance, self-compassion and more.

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