Emotional Intelligence

While most people recognize what an IQ is, fewer have heard of EQ – emotional intelligence, or the “emotional” IQ. Emotional intelligence encompasses one’s ability to navigate their own emotions and use emotions to guide their thinking and behavior. Emotional intelligence  skills are vital in many circumstances and environments we encounter every day, such as work, school, relationships, and our own self-care. This workshop focuses on guiding participants both in understanding what EQ looks like as well as teaching participants how they can work towards developing their emotional intelligence.

Topics Will Include:

  • Defining emotional intelligence (EQ) and why it’s important
  • Exploring how our emotions plays a role in decision-making
  • Applying principles of EQ to different areas of our daily lives
  • Discussing strategies for increasing emotional intelligence
  • Utilizing role play activities with other participants to identify ways to tap into our emotional intelligence skills

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