Alan Tsang

"My goal is to allow the space and power to write your story in your own way."

Why I became a therapist

I became a therapist because I have a curiosity for hearing others’ narratives and also for the understanding that everyone is capable of having a space to express themselves freely. I believe that everyone should be able to be listened to and understood. It brings great joy for me to be able to create a space for you to be heard in a nonjudgmental manner. My work as a therapist is first and foremost to help you feel prioritized in your life and to allow you to continually build your narrative by understanding how your own experiences have helped shape your identity. I also became motivated by the stigmas and stereotypes that encompass what mental health work is. This motivated me to also work to help those who may have been too afraid to seek therapy. My hope is that those affected by these stereotypes can understand that expressing oneself can be a source of empowerment, not a weakness. I am passionate about how our thoughts are influenced by our connections both past and present; as well as our interactions with others and our environment.

Who I work with

I enjoy working with people who are experiencing issues with life stage transitions, acculturation, relationships, anxiety, and grief. Within these experiences, I primarily work with young adults who are seeking to understand themselves and to be more aware of their emotions. My goal is to allow the space and power to write your story in your own way. I also work with couples by providing a secure space for all parties to express themselves freely and allowing you to explore the patterns and dynamics of the relationship and how these experiences are affecting you currently. I also place a focus on Asian Americans who may be struggling with their identity and navigating through cultures and life stage transitions. Understanding the importance of adhering to many expectations through culture and family can be difficult, and I believe it is important to place an emphasis on these factors in my work with you.

"What motivates me daily to work as a therapist is having the privilege to listen to everyone’s story; being a source of support and stability in the struggles and experiences that people might face."

Working With Me

My work with clients is found in the rapport that we have together. The focus is always on your priorities, what you bring to the table and what you feel comfortable sharing. My approach is rooted deeply in psychodynamic theory, but also placing acknowledgment towards a cultural lens that allows clients to come as they are, understand who they are, and be who they are. In this way, my goal is for you to feel heard and understood. We can explore deeply your thoughts, emotions, relationships, vulnerabilities, and even your everyday life. Nothing is off the table. In working with me, I always strive to make the space that we work in as comfortable as possible. What that means is not passing any judgment or negativity towards anything being addressed. My priority is to give you the space you want and need to be able to express yourself as you are to be able to discover how to take that out into your walking, living world. In the end, I see my clients as people who are able to express themselves vulnerably and I want to help them feel empowered to do so.

My Qualifications and trainings

  • I received my Master’s in Counseling from Northwestern University;
  • I completed my Bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC);
  • I am a licensed clinical professional counselor through the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations (IDFPR);
  • I am a nationally board certified counselor (NBCC);
  • I am a member of the Illinois Mental Health Counseling Association (IMHCA) and Illinois Counseling Association (ICA);
  • I am bilingual and fluent in English and Cantonese.

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