Marilee Cervantes

"My approach to therapy is to provide clients with a safe, welcoming, and culturally caring environment to explore and process clients’ presenting concerns."

Why I became a therapist

I understand that it can be difficult to become vulnerable and share our emotions and hardships with others. I became a therapist to empower and assist individuals in pushing past these barriers as well as in building, healing, and strengthening their social-emotional health. I chose this career path because I believe everyone has the strength and power to overcome challenges they may be facing in their everyday lives. As a therapist, I provide a warm and judgment free space where clients feel seen, heard and supported to share their story.

Who I work with

I have experience working with adolescents, adults, couples and families from diverse backgrounds and I am specialized in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, low self -esteem and grief. In particular, I enjoy working with adolescents and young adults who are navigating this fast changing and often confusing world. Through collaboration and self-exploration in therapy. I hope my clients feel empowered as they develop fresh insights, coping skills, and ultimately improve their quality of life.

"Therapy provides a safe space where clients can share and explore any thoughts, feelings, and/or concerns as well as be honest with themselves and develop new insights about their life."

Working With Me

I believe that being compassionate and empathetic to my client’s unique experiences are the foundational building blocks of building a strong therapeutic relationship. I value the diversity of my clients and aim to provide culturally competent services. I believe that every client has their unique experiences, therefore deserves a tailored treatment approach. I utilize an integrative approach that combines different therapeutic approaches to best fit each client’s needs and goals. My approach is influenced by various evidenced based practices including, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Dialectical Behavioral therapy, and Strength Based therapy. I also enjoy integrating a creative arts therapy approach because it allows the client to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions through different mediums such as art, play, and music.

My Qualifications and trainings

  • I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saint Xavier University;
  • I received my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Adler University;
  • I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR);
  • I completed Level 1 Theraplay & MIM Training;
  • I completed a certification training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT);
  • I completed a certification training in Somatic Experiencing (SE);
  • I am Bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish.

Ready to overcome the barriers holding you back?