Zaire Griffin

“If you tell me your aspirations, goals and/or dreams, I will try to continue to inspire you the same way you inspired me: together we will find the tools to reach your goals.”

Why I became a therapist

Hi! I'm Naadia, but everyone calls me Zaire! Being a therapist allows me to engage in a profession that amplifies one of my core values: connection. I enjoy working in a process that provides the opportunity to assist you with syncing into your authentic self with so much confidence that it will empower you to communicate effectively with others. I enjoy engaging in a series of sessions that confront low mood, depression, and anxiety by increasing my clients' confidence and encouraging clients to create stronger connections to the community around them.

Who I work with

I work with populations that are going through transitions. Whether you are a teen starting a new school; a family going through a new phase of life; a person questioning your identity, or even if you are looking to transition careers, I am here to help you see the best version of yourself come to a reality. As a therapist, I assist people in gaining the confidence to overcome personal obstacles, lessen emotional loads, and provide the tools needed to improve their connection to themselves and their world.

“I am an accessory to your growth”

Working With Me

If I had to name 3 things that are in my sessions regularly, it would be laughter, communication skills, and creativity. I aim to create a therapeutic experience that fosters a fun environment that explores self, relationships, and how to be yourself in your relationships with confidence. Our sessions allow you, as the client, to try new ideas and gain the tools to confidently pursue new ways to live professionally and personally with a fresh mentality.

My Qualifications and trainings

Ready to overcome the barriers holding you back?