Exploring Polyamory

Psychoeducation & Support Group


This group is for adults (18 +) who are exploring polyamory or who may already identify as polyamorous, yet are hoping to become more reflective and intentional with how they engage within relationships and community.

Through a bi-weekly, 8-session workshop and support group experience, participants will be able to explore and reflect on a variety of topics often found to be critical when in a polyamorous lifestyle, and yet not always comfortable for those that are new to consensual non monogamy. Sessions will allow for meaningful reflection, discussion, and sharing within a closed group setting.

Each session will introduce a topic, followed by a related self-reflective exercise, and then group discussion and processing. Participants will be provided clinical insights, tools, and exercises that may be helpful in working through various challenges expressed in sessions. Additional resources will be provided to encourage further self exploration of topics.

Topics will include but are not limited to:

  1. Fundamental Concepts of Polyamory - an Introduction (Icebreaker session) - Relationship Types - What is your situation?
  2. Working with Jealousy / Fostering Compersion
  3. Identifying and Deconstructing Mononormative Belief Systems
  4. Having Difficult Conversations
  5. Navigating Relationship Hierarchy/Couples Privilege
  6. Polyamorous Dating
  7. Breakups/Deescalation/Reorientation of Relationship Dynamics
  8. Ethics of Polyamory (Sharing and Transparency / Privacy)
  9. Coming Out - to Friends, Family, Kids, Workplace, Community, etc. (Stigma/Judgement/Fears/Benefits)
  10. Longer-term Polyamorous Life Needs/Considerations (Wills, Power of Attorney, Retirement, Shared Residence, Extended Family, in Sickness and in Health).

*Topics will be narrowed in after gaining group consensus.

James Chamerlik, LSW

James is a licensed social worker (LSW) who provides a safe, affirming space for clients of all genders and sexual identities, and supports people who identify within the full spectrum of Consensual Non Monogamy as well as those that live within a kink and/or sex positive lifestyle.

April 1 2024

Mondays 7:00pm-8:30pm

Every Other Week

Virtual - link will be provided to active participants

$50 per session

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