Asian plus size woman wearing headphone while exercising in the garden at morning time.

Redefining the Wellness Girlie

Mouth Tape, red light, colistin, magnesium, gua sha, collagen, manuka honey… The list of items needed to be an official ‘wellness girlie’ is endless. On top of this the ‘wellness girlie’ needs to read an hour before bed, walk four miles a day, swap her coffee for matcha, and wake up before 7am. She should drink electrolytes, be dairy free, avoid alcohol, and meditate daily. 

I sit on a saturday morning scrolling through Instagram watching the popular “Get Ready With Me (GRWM)” reels where women take you through their morning routines involving the fifty  things they do to ‘take care of themselves’ all before 8am. I can't help but feel exhausted simply by watching them. The exhaustion dissipates just as the feeling of total inadequacy hits which looms for approximately one to two hours. 

This, of course, is not new. Women being told how to exist and brainwashed to believe that taking care of ourselves means buying expensive products and working ourselves to burnout in the process. Women are constantly bombarded with such messages. Messages that tell us to be better, be healthier, be more, want more, have more, do more… Phew, it’s never-ending. 

I put my phone down and take a breath. I ask myself how any one of these products would make my life more fulfilling. The first thought is yes, each and every one would and I need to throw a few things in my Amazon cart immediately. Additionally, I need to start getting up earlier, cut out carbs, and sign up for pilates. Upon the next breath, I ask myself this question again, and my wisest self answers, ‘you already have everything you need to have a fulfilling life. You are enough, Allison,’ she says. My wisest self is always with me, just like your wisest self is always with you, but some days she's easier to connect with than others. 

The REAL WELLNESS GIRLIE (a new definition):

  1. She shows up for herself 
  2. She creates space for herself
  3. She honors what she needs to feel cared for 
  4. She gives herself the compassion and love she deserves 

Other tidbits:

  1. She has dessert when she wants to 
  2. She allows herself sleep in when she needs it
  3. She skips her skincare routine when she feels like it 
  4. She takes a walk instead of pushing herself to run 
  5. She indulges in her favorite reality tv when she wants to 
  6. She invites herself to do less!