Katie Catalano

"Therapy helps individuals have a safe space to process and navigate life’s stressors."

Why I became a therapist

Hi, my name is Katie and I am a Licensed Clinical Social worker! I've always wanted to help people and be a partner to them in navigating life's difficulties. I chose to pursue becoming a therapist because I believe it is a privilege to be able to hear people's stories and help individuals through various interpersonal struggles. I'm encouraged by peoples' abilities to persevere through hard times and continue to strive towards bettering themselves, even when it seems impossible. As a favorite author of mine, Glennon Doyle says, "We can do hard things." As the stigma around mental health continues to be broken down, more people are seeking out therapy and I believe we, as a society, will be more compassionate and empathetic because of it. I am motivated everyday by my clients who make the choice to engage in a therapeutic space and work on their own personal growth.

Who I work with

I have worked with adults who are experiencing a variety of stressors including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, relationship issues, career discernment, struggles with identity and substance abuse problems. I also enjoy working with couples experiencing difficulties with conflict management and communication, as well as intimacy issues. Additionally, I have experience helping individuals with social and environmental stressors whether it is a housing crisis, financial instability, or violence in relationships. As a social worker, I believe there are many systems to evaluate in order to get a clear picture when pursuing one's own health and wellness.

"When someone engages in therapy, you're given the opportunity to say what you're struggling with, without fear of judgment or criticism."

Working With Me

My approach to therapy is open, respectful, and nonjudgmental. I hope to start by providing the space where individuals feel safe and I can learn more about you. The therapeutic space is where I believe we can be our most authentic selves. I utilize various approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), attachment theory, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Motivational Interviewing, and Narrative Therapy to help you grow as an individual. I do not think that therapy is a one-size fits all approach and so I work to tailor my approach to best meet your needs. I hope my clients find the skills to manage life's stressors. I don't think that we, as a society, can be perfect but we can learn to deal with the imperfections. More often than not, I find we focus on the facts of a situation and struggle to name the emotions that come up. I work with my clients to hone in on their emotional experience in order to be truer to themselves, make better decisions and create meaningful change.

My Qualifications and trainings

  • I received my Masters degree in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago;
  • I received my Bachelors in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago;
  • I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR);
  • I am a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW);
  • I enjoy knitting, running, and hiking!

Ready to overcome the barriers holding you back?